Monday, February 20, 2012

an apron for her

When your daughter is constantly wearing her brothers' aprons (which they rarely wear), it is time to make one for her. It was probably time a long time ago, but better later than never. I made her this quick two sided apron as a Valentine's Day gift. I just traced one that I had bought for her brother Gage and used that as the pattern.
One side is a pink and yellow Moda fabric which I added a pink polka dot pocket to so that she can carry her whisk and spatula.
The other side is a vintage looking green fabric from Darlene Zimmerman that has animals on it. I added her initial "M" to that side.
She wore it that night and later asked, "Where did you buy this apron for me, mom?" I told her that I made it and she said, "You know how to make these?" I guess she forgets that I sew!


Mar said...

Mom made one for each of my children a while back and at the time I thought it was something that was not going to be use much but boy was I wrong? My second youngest daugther bakes and with her the small children too, their aprons always on them. Such a handy piece of chothing!

Yours is very pretty!

chris said...

So funny. I'm glad she has her own pretty apron. :)