Tuesday, February 21, 2012

slice of life

I was looking through my camera roll on my phone and found some photos that describe my children so well and thought I would share.
My seven year old, Gage, is an electronics lovers. His weekend request is to go to the mall so he can hang out at the Apple store. Last weekend we did just that and I took this picture of him in his element.
I have a teenager now. Trevor is only 13, but his teenage attitude is starting to creep out a wee bit. Here he is on a Sunday night after church hanging out with his mom - at least he will still do that!Mallory (5) is in love with stuffed animals, especially the Muppet, Pepe. She sleeps with him every night. I took this picture of her Saturday morning when she came in to our room to wake us up - Pepe in tow.
Boston (10) took this picture of himself with the Old Camera app on my phone. He took a few others, saved them and left my phone on my bed side table before I even knew he had come and gone. He's always quick.

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