Thursday, February 2, 2012

valentine graphic sign

The beauty of having a husband in the home building business is the joy of using up his scrap wood pile. The other day at lunch he told me he had some scrap trim he was going to dispose of and I followed him back to the house and stuck it in the car. I wasn't sure what I "needed" it for, but I knew I "needed" it.
Eventually, I knew what I wanted to use them for...Valentine Signs. I had my husband cut the long trim pieces down to 28" each. They are about 10" wide with the beveled lip.
I printed up my words of "love" in different fonts and made stencils then hand painted each word.
Figuring out the placement of each word was the hardest part, but once I got them all in place, it was a fun process.


chris said...

These look great. I need a scrap pile like yours!

Amanda Lee said...

This is too cute!