Monday, June 2, 2008

apron for gigi

My little niece, Ginger (aka Gigi) is turning 4 this week. Last night I quickly tried to fancy up this store bought apron for her for her birthday. I also made a couple of the felt covered barrettes to go with it. When I was about 6 years old, Santa brought me a little apron and it had a tiny whisk and wooden spoon. I LOVED that apron. Do you remember that mom? It was made in red and white fabric with red binding trim and ties. Anyways, I was hoping to find some of those little kitchen gadgets to add to the pockets of this apron. Now she can help her mom (I hope her mom wants help).

*note* for some reason the colors look pretty bad in these photos. I tried to touch them on up just the editing that comes with my microsoft software that I view the photos in, but no luck. I promise it is prettier in person.


TheMorts said...

I'll bet that she will totally love it! So perfect for a little girl and such a good idea for a gift!

Brett & Amy said...

Very cute! JoAnn's had mini rolling pins, whisks, spatulas, etc. in their dollar section. Good luck!

Taiya said...

If you love the color red you should join this week... umm.. I can't recall what it is called, darnit, but anyway... read this blog:
and just take photos of red stuff! It's pretty interesting!

Love the apron! :D