Friday, June 27, 2008

more onesies

I haven't been crafting as much since the kids are home from school. I am trying to hang out with them as much as possible and plus, the room upstairs where I like to work is really really hot because it's over the garage and it's summer here. My six year old wanted me up there with him the last few days because that's where he likes to play, so he told me to make something and hang out with him. I saw two onesies left in the package and came up with some appliques for them. The cherries have a double set of leaves because I accidentally snipped them a little when trimming the stabilizer on the back. That's when I had to the add the second, lime green set of leaves to cover up the tiny hole. My three year old kept asking me if he could help with the cutting and I said, "no, you might cut the shirt." Just a few minutes later it was me cutting it!


driftwood shack said...

The cherry one is very pretty- and the double leaves are great!

Julie said...

They are so adorable!