Tuesday, June 24, 2008

pudding pops

Do you remember Jello Pudding Pops? I loved those as a child and would try to save my lunch money at school so that I would have enough to get one at least once a week at the cafeteria. Yummy! We decided to make our own and we did lemon pudding in this batch and the boys decided a different flavor would be better. So, chocolate it is! You don't have to twist my arm. Mallory thought the lemon was absolutely the best. Even when her pudding pop was all gone, she cried when I tried to take away the stick. After three boys, I am trying to get used to this very frustrated, yet wonderful girl. Is this girls or just a fourth child who is smart enough to know what she wants because she sees what everyone else gets? Time will tell. She screamed (it was a fit) both times I took her out of the pool today although she had been in for almost an hour each time. So, I will make more pudding pops to stop the screaming if at least for as long as the pop lasts.

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