Wednesday, March 11, 2009

extremely cute skirt tutorial

Photos via The Polka Dot Chair

I was just talking to my friend who told me she made a cute skirt yesterday for her daughter. Then, the better part...she posted a tutorial on her blog. Thanks Melissa! I have to share. She is one of the people (besides my mom) that inspired me to start sewing a few years ago when she helped me sew a beautiful baby blessing dress for my daughter. I still look to her for advice and ideas. I am glad she shared this one with everyone!


dana said...

Adorable! Thanks for the pattern idea!

The Fair Weather Optimist said...

Oh my gosh! Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!


Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

You are so nice to post this link. I hope you start feeling better soon and start posting more of your awesome ideas... I'm feeling creative and your blog is one of my best inspirations :-)