Tuesday, March 10, 2009

she doesn't always play with dora

Mallory is really starting to have an affinity for her doll, Mae, that I made her for her 2nd birthday. It used to be "Dora this" and "Dora that", but now she asks to sleep with Mae during her naps and at night. It was even warm enough to put this dress on her that I made last fall.


Brett and Amy said...

Adorable pics! I love the doll and the dress, but not as much as your little munchkin wearing it. Miss you guys.

dana said...

hooray! Oh, that's so great when they end up loving the creations you slaved over :).
And besides, Mae is MUCH cuter than any Dora doll could ever be.

lacey said...

I love this little girls face- what will I do when I can't see her toodle around outside my front window?