Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a big thanks

As I sit in my house because we have way too much snow outside, I have been able to read all of your comments. Thanks for all your kind words for the trinket keepers. Here are some answers to your questions and concerns:

1 - When you print directly on to fabric like I did on my inkjet printer, it is not color fast. But, there is a way to treat it so it will become color fast and not bleed when wet. Go here for directions. Thanks to the readers who directed me there.

2 - Someone has said that the General brand grommets contain lead. I wasn't aware of this. If that worries you, then you can also buy Dritz brand grommets in the sewing notions section at your local fabric store. I am pretty sure that they have 3/8" because I saw that size online. That size will have a big enough hole that the clip will fit in to. *Added note - Lowe's has a Stanley brand of grommets that should work too.

3 - I got my images for the ones I directly printed on to fabric from my collection of digital scrapbooking images. The one with the vintage toys that says "stuff" comes from KB and friends and is called Cameron's Toy Box. The train image is a freezer paper stencil. I just found a train image on the internet and traced the outside of it on to freezer paper. Once I cut it out, I just ironed the freezer paper on to the fabric and painted inside the stencil with fabric paint. Finding images (like the guitar and train) are easy and you can apply them quickly.

4 - Some of the words like "Pokemon Cards" are printed directly on to the fabric. Other ones like "Trains" I added later with an alphabet stamping set that I inked up with a fabric pen. That's easy to do as well.

5 - Have fun and I would love to see any you have made when you finish. Just email me a photo or send me a link to your blog.


Jane's Designs said...

Your trinket keepers are a great idea, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Stay warm

Julie said...

Hey, I think I recognize that scarf on your snowman. Is that the one I made you a few years ago? Looks great on the guy!

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