Monday, February 1, 2010

check out rae and dana

Both Rae from Made By Rae and Dana from Made are teaming up to provide an entire month of posts just for boys.  These boys need this as far as I'm concerned.  I need this so that my dear boys are reminded that I love them a ton and can just as well make them a little something something like I do their sis.  Today Rae has a tutorial that takes a man's shirt and re sizes it for a little boy.   That means more upcycling.  Dana's making a shirt in 90 minutes.  Now, I wish it was the 60 minute shirt, but since I can get it done in the time my kids are napping (okay, I wish they were still napping), then I still want to give it a go.  Check it out and get excited for more all month.  I have something of my own that I am working on to help in this great cause and it will be up next week.  Let's just say it's super simple, but with tons of options!


seven thirty three said...

Just wanted to let you know that I host What are little boys made of? every Thursday. It is a link up party for all of your fun boys crafts/activities/projects. Feel free to stop by and link up!

dana said...

I'm SO happy you're part of the mix! It's going to be a fun month.
thanks for posting about it!


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