Thursday, April 23, 2009

tutorials and ideas for boys, boys, boys

First, thanks for all of your ideas.  It so nice to have so many resources these days.  I am amazed at how many times I go to the internet and search for a tutorial or a "how to" and get tons of results.  I am almost more amazed when just a few pop up instead of many.  I guess we are spoiled in this technology age.  Here are some of the ideas that you all steered me towards and a few of others that I have collected.  We definitely have enough ideas to not leave these boys out!!! 

1 - My college roommate and dear friend Mo found this one.  And, since it might be too late this year, gather all your yellow bunny peeps for next year's Pokemon party.  My boys still love Pokemon despite me trying to steer them in another directions - Pikachu pops from Bakerella.

2 - For boys and girls (but boys for now) this tutorial on how to make a outdoor (or indoor) tent from Boutique NutMeg found at Sew, Mama, Sew!

3 - The handsome Eddie Cap fom mushroom villagers that looks like it came straight out of the movie "Newsies."  Loved that movie and I think I would love seeing my four year old in this.  

4 - For those who have boys with DS Lites and need a way to keep those very small games organzed as well as found here is a DS Lite case that holds their games found at Instructables

5 - The superhero cape at Puking Pastilles.  I've directed many a non sewer over to this tutorial and they tell me this one is easy.  

6 - The bandana pants (could be for either, but again, we're saying these are for boys for this one) at blue yonder (thanks Wendi).   I also found this tutorial for a rubber band gun at blue yonder as well.  

7 - My boys have had a few of these marshmallow shooters from Santa and cub scout camp.  These directions are from Instructables.

8 - Here is a card table playhouse tutorial at Sew Much Ado.  We used to play for hours in one with just some blankets and sheets over the table - this one is cool.   

9 - The well known, but always fun, freezer paper stenciling.  I am sharing this tutorial because she has some cool boy designs in it.  It's from panjo kids.  You can find more tutorials at the artful parent and made.  

10 - Pillow cases!  Great way to make the boys something of their very own for their room with their favorite characters on it.  Here is a tutorial from Lazy Girl.  Also, here is one my friend at the Polka Dot Chair made at Christmas for her nephews.  They have pockets on them for their books.  My mom made us all individual pillow cases with a handle on top and a poket on the front.  We took these on our family vacations in the car and kept our puzzle and coloring books in the pocket.  I loved mine! 


B.E.A.T.L.E. said...

Thanks for the ideas! I only have a boy and was always kinda bummed I could think of anything to sew for him.

Bianca said...

Sorry - I meant to post this before and totally forgot! You can add it to your list. A little boys tie....

Tracie said...

My son may only be 3 months old, but I'm still saving these.

Thank you for posting this.

dana said...

Wow, so many great ideas. That must have taken you a while to compile all that. Thanks for sharing!

remees said...

I just found your site and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And yes, you truly are AMAZING! Thank you for this site. It is inspirational and chalk full of useful information! Did I say, "You're AMAZING?" - You are!

Corinne said...

This is a fantastic list! I have two boys and I am always looking for fun crafting ideas that are geared toward boys. This would be great as an ongoing series :)!

Jilly said...

This is a great list! Thanks. I am definitely pulling out my cordoroy stash to make an Eddie cap for my 4 yr old.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

As a mom of 3 boys and one lone girl, I love this list!

Can I add something? I have a tutorial for an appliqued tie onesie on my blog.

Sewmarm said...

Great list! Boys' needs and tastes really do demand separate projects.