Wednesday, May 20, 2009

more note cards

I've had to get new print cartridges because I have had so much fun printing these note cards.  If you are on my upcoming birthday list, sorry because you will probably get a set.   It's my sisters birthday on Thursday and she gets the set with the vintage boy and girl in the wagon.   I love that image.  My sister in law gets the owl and my friend in Australia will receive the monogram.  I get my digital scrapbook images from a lot of places, but herehere, here and here are some of my favorites.  

Oh yeah and I am making some more of these.  

1 comment:

seven thirty three said...

Where do you get your envelopes for your notecards?

I have made some for myself (not folded, just printed on cardstock and cut into 4 notecards).

I want to make some for my daughters teacher for a holiday gift but would really love to include envelopes!