Thursday, May 14, 2009

eyeglasses case update

The more of these that I have made, the more I realize there are some changes that need to be made.  I changed them here at the tutorial itself, but these are the things that I thought needed a little tweeking - 

1.  The length - increased from 7 1/2 inches long to 8 inches.  This is for two reasons - 1) I had a blogger ask if sunglasses fit in this case.  I just assumed they did, but since I don't have a pair of my own and only have glasses just for plain ol' seeing, once I tried sunglasses in them, it was a snug fit in the length. 2) Once I added velcro to the top, that took away some of the length as well.  Which brings me to...

2.  I added velcro to the lining before I attached to the outside fabric so that these would stay closed and you wouldn't lose your glasses in your purse.  I have added a step in the tutorial, but basically you are adding a little piece of velcro 5/8" down from the top of the lining fabric - centered - once the lining is sewn up on three sides and hasn't been sewn to the outside.  

3.  I have been using some thicker batting that really gives the case the sturdiness that it needs.  I don't know what this batting is called since I just found it in my pile of scraps.  But, I was thinking that two pieces of warm and natural on top of each other for each outside piece might do the trick.  But, really it is up to you how padded you want the case to be.  Just a thought.  


Tracie said...

I emailed you the pictures. I really enjoyed making this. And I think my sunglasses like their new home.

Thank you again for posting.

Jennwith4 said...

I'm going to going through my fabric today and churning out one of these for my daughters bday tomorrow.