Wednesday, May 6, 2009

still here

It's funny when you are busily making things for birthdays and Mother's Day and you can't post any of it because it's all for your friends and family that read your blog.  So, until those days pass I have to hold back on the photos.  But, I do have a few things to write about. 

*My friend Melissa at The Polka Dot Chair is one of the bakers at Moda Bake Shop.   She has a new tutorial for a skirt up on the blog that has the prettiest colors.  It's a line from Moda that I really like with the pretty butterflies.  Check it out.

*Dana at Made  is hosting a sew along at Presser Foot this month where you can sew the shirt dress with her.  I am excited to check out the Flickr group with all the grand transformations.

photo via craftzine blog

*I have been making a few of these from this tutorial for upcoming celebrations.  Super quick sewing project.

*I have an easy tutorial that I will post soon that I already kind of gave the directions for, but since I have been making a few more, I thought I would take some photos of the process to share.  Another great and simple gift to sew. 

Okay, I will be back soon with photos and more!  Until then....well, until then I am cleaning this house out like crazy.  I have tons that I am selling on ebay and more that I am collecting for next week's neighborhood garage sale.  So, let's get this house in order folks! 


dana said...

Loving that potholder.
And I feel like you....too many gifts and baby showers keeping me busy right now.
Glad you're still here!

koala brains said...

I was wondering where you were!