Monday, February 14, 2011

did you say you wanted to see more appliques?

I don't think that any of you did. But, it seems as though that's mostly what I am working on lately. I had another baby shower to go to last week and that calls for more appliqued onesies. At least in my mind it does. And, just to warn you...I have a few more baby showers to go to yet, so I don't think these are going away any time soon.

This time I only officially appliqued on one of the onesies. I found a cute doggie silk screened shirt in a catalog and made my dog to look similar. I love this little dog and re sized him a few times with the copier so that I could add him to a few other items in the future.

On the other I used a freezer paper stencil that I made from the image I found here (The Boy Trifecta Blog) and stenciled him on with fabric paint. I added a button for the heart. Don't mind the wrinkles!


chris said...

How did you know? The puppy design is darling. I love what you come up with!

Emily said...

I love the heart button on the robot! So cute! :)

Julie said...

That dog is adorable!

Kate said...

That dog is too cute!