Monday, June 30, 2008

summer days

This morning we got a break from the hot and humid weather. We went outside to eat our popcicles that we made from here and it was so breezy and nice. The kids were actually a bit cold from the wind and the popcicles. But, I told them to take it and enjoy since it won't be like this long.

The older boys went out to collect bugs in their newly made t-shirts. In the spring we made ones with the iron on crayons, but after a few washings, they faded which disappointed the boys. This time I had them draw with markers on a sheet of paper. I scanned them in to the computer and then printed them out on the iron on transfer paper from HP. Much brighter and they love them. Plus, I don't think they will take a hit in the wash like the others did.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

rag time baby blanket tutorial

Go to kneedles and pins for a great tutorial on rag time baby blanket quilts. I have had one for each of my last two children born and both they and I LOVE them. They are so easy to make and so much fun with a little chenille and some great fabrics (flannel, homespun, or anything that frays really well and is soft). And, the best part is the tutorial is from my mom!

Friday, June 27, 2008

more onesies

I haven't been crafting as much since the kids are home from school. I am trying to hang out with them as much as possible and plus, the room upstairs where I like to work is really really hot because it's over the garage and it's summer here. My six year old wanted me up there with him the last few days because that's where he likes to play, so he told me to make something and hang out with him. I saw two onesies left in the package and came up with some appliques for them. The cherries have a double set of leaves because I accidentally snipped them a little when trimming the stabilizer on the back. That's when I had to the add the second, lime green set of leaves to cover up the tiny hole. My three year old kept asking me if he could help with the cutting and I said, "no, you might cut the shirt." Just a few minutes later it was me cutting it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

thanks zia

I received this wonderful package of fabrics and birdies from Zia at Zia Koko in the mail yesterday. She was giving away some extras from her stash and I am happy to be the owner of someone's extras! I have great plans for the yellow searsucker that involve a dress for the babe. The little birdies that she included were so sweet. Thank you! Boston and Gage got the mail and helped me open it. Boston said, "Is this because you were in an apron club?" No, I said it was from someone who was kind enough to share.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

pudding pops

Do you remember Jello Pudding Pops? I loved those as a child and would try to save my lunch money at school so that I would have enough to get one at least once a week at the cafeteria. Yummy! We decided to make our own and we did lemon pudding in this batch and the boys decided a different flavor would be better. So, chocolate it is! You don't have to twist my arm. Mallory thought the lemon was absolutely the best. Even when her pudding pop was all gone, she cried when I tried to take away the stick. After three boys, I am trying to get used to this very frustrated, yet wonderful girl. Is this girls or just a fourth child who is smart enough to know what she wants because she sees what everyone else gets? Time will tell. She screamed (it was a fit) both times I took her out of the pool today although she had been in for almost an hour each time. So, I will make more pudding pops to stop the screaming if at least for as long as the pop lasts.

Friday, June 20, 2008

the shrug

Here's a photo of the shrug that came in the package from my mom last week. It turns out I can't get my hair out of a pony tail, hence the neck down pose. I love the color and can't wait to wear it somewhere besides my backyard. And, don't mind the baby tummy - even the best posture can't seem to take that away! I love being the beneficiary of such talent. Thanks mom.

*PS* the pattern can be found here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

so, i'm thinking....

I am thinking about turning all these doodles in to PDFs to use as embroidery patterns. The only trouble is that I am computer challenged when it comes to refining my sketches, PDFs and all that stuff. I hope they will be fine the way they are. Do I need to get a copyright? I am not sure about that either. I looked at the embroidery patterns for sale on etsy and the artists have copyrights. So, I printed up the forms to do it and I have cold feet. I am so new to all of this and maybe I am in way over my head and should just keep drawing and stitching them for my enjoyment. Maybe it's not as hard as I am making it out to be. Suggestions?

Monday, June 16, 2008

my apron came

My apron from the Sassy Apron Swap arrived last week and I was so excited. I love getting packages anyway, but this one was especially fun because it was a surprise. You don't know who your partner is (or at least, who has your name) or where they are from. The woman that I got my lovely apron from is from South Carolina and her name is Jennifer. She made the prettiest reversible half apron with colors that I just love. She embroidered my name on one of the sides and told me that even though it's a half apron, she wears hers like a baby doll dress at the top so that she can keep more of herself clean. I love it like that as well as around the waist. What a cleaver idea. She sent a hand towel with it that she embroidered a flower on as well. What an amazing seamstress and person. Love it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

budding artist

I sat down to draw some embroidery doodles (that might never come to be) today and my nine year old sat by me and started to draw some of his own. I was so impresssed by his animals. I asked him where he came up with all of these and he said he had just seen them in books and in his head. Love it. One of my greatest joys is to see my kids being creative. So, I thought I would share his talent with you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

package from mom

My mom loves to knit and crochet and she is amazing at it. Mallory and I got a package in the mail the other day and this cute little sweater came for Mallory. I love the color. I just wish that it were a bit colder so I had a reason to keep it on her all of the time. Now I am looking forward to Fall just because of this. My mom made me the most beautiful apple green circular shrug from this pattern at Peony Knits and I haven't taken a photo of it yet. I always try to find a day when my hair isn't in a pony tail and with the heat (and my laziness), it doesn't look like that is happening soon. So, a photo is soon to come pony tail and all.

Monday, June 9, 2008

good ideas from martha

Hand Towel Beach Bag

I get an email everyday from Martha Stewart. We are close. Well, actually I think I signed up for something and now I get the Craft of the Day email. There have been some really good ideas in there and I think this is one of the ones I want to try. Now, I just need to plan a trip to the beach. Just thought I would pass this idea along.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

first raspberry

We love our raspberry bushes on the side of our house. Today my mother in law and I got in there and weeded and cleaned them up. Now we're ready for them to produce some goodies. I noticed just one single raspberry ready for the taking and it was taken by Boston. In the summer I will catch them all at the side of the house eating away. We never get enough for anything big like a pie, but we get enough to snack on or top some yogurt and pudding. A simple treat.

Friday, June 6, 2008

polka dot shoes

Yes, I do have a problem. I love shoes and sometimes I push my love of shoes on to others. In most cases, it is my children. I bought these little shoes for my baby girl quite awhile ago and have just waited for her to grow in to them. The time has come and she has just started walking (at 16 months!). And yes, this does make me happy (both the walking and the fit of the shoes!).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

little red rocker

This is my little girl at grandma's house playing with the little red rocking chair that all the grand kids have come to love. It's similar (almost identical) to the photo in my header. It's one of my favorites.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

clowning around

Boston clowning around!
In photoshop I turned this one a bit more red. Now, I am really seeing red (and not because I'm mad)!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i saw red

I am joining in on the i saw red play along found on sadie olive's blog here. I figure it will be fun to take photos of my very favorite color.

Monday, June 2, 2008

apron for gigi

My little niece, Ginger (aka Gigi) is turning 4 this week. Last night I quickly tried to fancy up this store bought apron for her for her birthday. I also made a couple of the felt covered barrettes to go with it. When I was about 6 years old, Santa brought me a little apron and it had a tiny whisk and wooden spoon. I LOVED that apron. Do you remember that mom? It was made in red and white fabric with red binding trim and ties. Anyways, I was hoping to find some of those little kitchen gadgets to add to the pockets of this apron. Now she can help her mom (I hope her mom wants help).

*note* for some reason the colors look pretty bad in these photos. I tried to touch them on up just the editing that comes with my microsoft software that I view the photos in, but no luck. I promise it is prettier in person.