Thursday, August 27, 2009

french ruffle dress

I keep putting off the birdie sling (not to sure why) to try some projects I have wanted to do for awhile. I bought a red sheet on clearance the other day for $2 that I had slated for lounge pants, but when I picked up the pattern for the french ruffle dress again, I thought it would be great to try it with an inexpensive sheet first to make sure I got the fit right for my 2 year old. I had heard from someone that it runs small, so I cut out the 4T. I knew that it would be okay if it was too big, but not okay if it was too small. It fits perfectly and this dress is great for a beginner sewer. I know you might not believe me, but I am still a beginner. I don't attempt too many projects that require more than an elastic casing, a hem, and maybe a ruffle. I would like to think it's because I really do enjoy a quick project, but I am sure there are a few fears mixed in there as well. All in due time. This dress will be a great little Christmas dress (just 4 months early!) and now I am going to make it in brown cord with a different color ruffle. You could make so many variations. But, just remember it does run a bit small.

Monday, August 24, 2009

newly covered chairs

We were given these chairs last spring to replace the benches that we had there before.  I like the chairs because the kids always fell off or rocked the benches. The chairs had white seat covers and like any family with kids (and the adults sometimes) they get spilled on often.  

I knew I wanted to recover them sooner rather than later.  The joy of recovering chairs is that it is easy and you can always change them again.  I didn't even take the old fabric off.  I just went right over the top -extra padding never hurts.  I bought this red polka dot fabric at joann's with my 40% off coupon. Then, I was going to apply the iron the vinyl over them to help wipe away spills, but because iron on vinyl isn't the cheapest and requires more work, I just went with the clear plastic sold by the yard for only $1.50/yard.  It looks a little like the sofa coverings that grannie's sometimes have on their furniture, but if it protects the fabric from food, I decided I didn't care.  Plus, I can always pull it off when they get older or I get sick of it.  So, for a few hours on Saturday morning, I have a fun new set of chairs.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

still cutting and fusing

I got the fabric for the Birdie Sling while on my trip to Utah. My sister in law happened to have an extra pattern and was generous enough to give it to me. She told me that the prep for it took longer than sewing it. I am going with that theory since it is taking me so dang long to get this bag ready to sew. I, of course, am doing it a few minutes here and there so I can't really tell how long it's taking me. I am banking on the fact that the prep work is harder than sewing it. I hope I am not alluding myself.

Here's the fabric I chose for the outside fabric - it's from Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection.

The lining is Hey Sugar by Cosmo Cricket.

And, the handles are Swanky by Chez Moi for Moda.

Now that I have described the whole thing, let's hope I really get this bag done. I am loving it's potential!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

from shirt to tote

My neighbor is very kind and gives my boys her son's clothes when he grows out of them. They are usually very nice, but when it comes to my 7 year old, if it isn't a pair of "slick shorts" (basketball shorts) or a t-shirt, he's not interested. She gave me this nice denim Gap shirt which I knew I would not be able to get the boys to wear, so it was going in to the future sewing projects pile. With my nieces birthday coming up, it made great fabric for a new tote. I made handles for it similar to those from the Simple Tote in the bend-the-rules Sewing book by Amy Karol. But, I just made up the dimensions and added the apple applique to cover up the Gap logo on the front. I think I will fill it up with a sketch pad and put pencils in the pockets on the front.  That ought to keep a 6 year old happy. Right?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

right in the middle of summer

I sent my kids back to school today. I feel like we are on a year round schedule because they are starting so early this year. Summer was just picking up speed and then it came to a crashing halt as we hurried up and put them back in school. I am a bit sad today. Yes, of course I like to get my "me" time that comes much easier when they are in school, but I really was having fun with them. I feel like I get so little time with them and especially lately, they are seeming so grown up. It's this little guy's birthday today and he is 5. He could have started kindergarten today, but we decided to wait until next year for so many reasons. As I looked at him from across the table when he was blowing the candles out on his birthday cake, I could not imagine him on that long hot bus ride today with his older brothers. We have all day kindergarten and wow, it's just so long for a little guy. But, this little guy, his sister, and I will have fun together this year while their older brothers are at school. I can just feel it. So, as the dust settles from a short, but fun summer and we start to get more in to a routine, I do look forward to some sewing time. I got some great fabric on my vacation to Utah. I also cut out a great bag that I want to sew up quickly. I had fun just being away and especially seeing my kids loving their cousins. That's always the best part of any trip. We just live too far away from all the cousins. Hopefully, I will have some projects to show soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new headbands

Check out Melissa's tutorial for cute elastic headband tutorial at the polka dot chair blog. I just cut all of my hair off (not that it was super long), so I am thinking these will really help me while I am still trying to figure out how to style this new do.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

on vacation again

We're having a mini family reunion in Utah this weekend. Then, my boys are joining their cousins at this for the rest of the week. I am hoping to spend my time getting some great ideas - there's always great ideas at all the stores here. Plus, we are staying at my sister in law's house and she lives across the street from dear lizzie, which is one of the cutest shops/boutiques that I have ever been in. It has an amazing lunch menu and cupcakes as well. Oh, and we went to the Provo Famer's Market where there were some awesome booths with food and crafts. I found this girl selling the cutest headbands, birthday banner, and earrings. Check out her etsy shop. So, I will be back to blogging soon. When we come home, the boys have one day of summer left and then, it's back to school. That will be a bitter sweet day. I have loved our summer adventures, but having a predictable schedule is very healthy for me. So, until then....

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