Friday, June 15, 2012

still here and with a new baby blanket

I don't know why exactly I go through spurts of blogging frequently and then seem to stop all together. I am usually still sewing and crafting behind the scenes, but life gets busy and I don't have time to sit at the computer and document it. The kids have been out of school for two and a half weeks already and I am still adjusting to the new schedule. Not to mention, I am fighting for computer time! It's a bit odd to go from a very scheduled life to one with only a schedule I produce myself (with the help of the kids, of course). But, I did want to blog about this baby boy blanket I made last week.

I have had this Alexander Henry fabric for a few years and started the quilt around this fabric. I also had cut up a sheet and that's where I got the blue and white ticking.  

The back is navy and white seersucker which is a great summer fabric.
The quilting is just random spaces lines. I tend to keep it pretty simple on the quilting since I don't have much talent or experience in that area. I liked having 4 or 5 lines per strip of fabric because it added so much texture to the quilt.