Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it was feeling like summer

At the time I appliqued on these tank tops, it really was beginning to feel like summer. Now, we are being flooded with non stop rain and thunder storms (that keep us up all through the night). But, as it was feeling nice and warm, I pulled a few tank tops out of my daughter's closet and had her pick a few things to applique on them. She chose the flamingo and an ice cream cone. If I would have had a third tank, there would have been a unicorn as well. Next time. She had a friend over the other day and as dress up, Mallory asked her friend to wear her new tank tops with her along with her tulle skirts from Costco.

Monday, April 11, 2011

this girl loves mud and new pjs

This post was supposed to be about the new pajamas I sewed for Mallory. I took a few photos of her in them last night. We went outside to take them and when I was done, I went inside to get dinner ready. My six year old came in a while later and I realized he was muddy.

I went out to check on Mallory and realized she had turned the hose on a mud hole to make it even dirtier and was covered in mud. So much for new clean pjs. I can't say I was mad because of part of me loves that she likes to get dirty and play outside with the boys. I was a bit frustrated because I could have put some other clothes on her if she was going to start digging mud holes. I guess I will just have to soak them a bit!

It was rather warm last week and I realized that she didn't have many summer jams, so I was excited to make some for her. Plus, she said she wanted to have a pajama party with me. I have had this sheet for awhile and used Simplicity Pattern #4767 to make her a new set. I used the extra fabric to make a pair of pj shorts for myself. Mother/Daughter pj party, right? Well, since she got all dirty and I really was too tired, the party has been postponed. I know she won't let me forget that it still needs to happen. She says we will have popcorn, a movie, and "NO BOYS!"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

bib for a babe

Sometimes I am very short on time and don't have much to give to a handmade gift. But, I have a hard time giving a gift without a little something handmade. So, a handmade bib is the perfect addition to a baby gift. Here is one I made recently. I always seem to use this pattern from juicybits' blog.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

personalized pillowcase tutorial

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bridget's blog - Mint Green with Envy a while back and even more fortunate to be asked to guest post over there about two weeks ago. For that post, I created a tutorial for a personalized pillow case. I made two - one for my six year old son and one for my four year old daughter. I will admit that I haven't made anything for my boys in quite a long time and I was thinking that my son wouldn't think much of the pillowcase, but I was wrong because he LOVED it. He is sleeping on it everynight. My daughter loves her's too, but I was expecting her to because she gets enamored with anything least until the next thing comes around! The directions are simple and if you head over to Mint Green with Envy you can get the full tutorial. But, basically, you make a simple pillowcase and use the pattern found HERE to make the child's face and hair that best suits the child you are making the pillow for. I drew these and hope they work for you. You applique them on to the front of the pillowcase using the basic technique of Heat N Bond or Wonder Under to adhere them to the fabric and then stitch around the edge of each piece for the child face - head, hair, eyes, hair bows, etc. You can also applique the child's name using 2 1/2 to 3 " letters of your choice. It's all simple and a fun way to add some personalization to their beds. *Remember - the applique pattern is for personal use only*

Monday, April 4, 2011

soldered derby necklace giveaway at louisville family fun blog

Right now the Louisville Family Fun Blog is hosting a contest to give away one of my soldered charm necklaces. The necklace in the contest has two soldered pendants that have a Kentucky Derby theme and a silver chain included. Go over check out the rules and enter the contest. It ends Thursday, April 7th, at midnight. Good luck!

PS - This blog is awesome for locals and anyone planning to visit Louisville as well. It has so much information on what to do around town and upcoming events. I always check it out for weekend information so that we can find something cool to do here in River City!

Friday, April 1, 2011

new easter charms in the shop and other stuff

I listed several Easter soldered charms in my shop a few days ago. I also have some Kentucky Derby charms I am about to list soon. I tried to get them in the shop before I headed to San Diego last week, but I was too rushed for time. In San Diego I was able to meet my niece, Velzy, and catch up with my parents and siblings. It was so nice and relaxing. I just took daughter with me while the boys stayed at home with dad. We hit In N' Out, Konos in Pacific Beach, and I got to shop at Trader Joes. I always have a list of a few places I need/want to go to when I am out there. I came home to some very cold weather and was told I missed snow while I was gone. I am so looking forward to Spring. I have Spring Fever which means every day when I get dressed, I just look at my capris hanging in my closet and wish it were time to put them on. Then, I head to the jeans and longs sleeves and just stare - wishing it just wasn't so. Soon, right? In the mean time, I will keep going knowing that Spring weather is just around the corner!