Monday, March 29, 2010

recycled magazine envelopes

When I was 16, I visited my sister up at college and her roommate was making envelopes out of magazines. She helped me make some and I was hooked. I had a few pen pals in high school from all over Europe and an exchange student in Australia that I liked to write. I also made a lot of these to write to a few missionary boys from our church! I used to be a writer in my day, but of course, have since turned to email. These are so simple to make and I am aware that I am not showing anything new or something you haven't seen. I just wanted to remind myself and any of you who are interested that these envelopes are super cute and a great way to recycle those Martha Stewart or any other beautiful magazine when you have finished with them.

You can use one of the pre made templates from any scrapbooking store or take apart an envelope, trace it on to light cardboard (poster board) and make your own template. Just trace the template directly on to the magazine page with a Sharpie and cut it out. Fold the top, bottom and sides in and then glue accordingly. Easy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

one for me

One more soldered charm pendant and this one is for me. I love the Keep Calm and Carry On Poster and my friend suggested I put a photo of my children on the other side. You remind me who I need to stay calm and carry on for!! In haste I added a crown to my daughter's head with Photoshop and you can barely see it, but it's cute...I think.

Monday, March 22, 2010

free shipping on all easter soldered charms

Since there are just two weeks until Easter, I wanted to spread some Easter goodness and offer my Easter charms (there are just 5) in the shop with free shipping.  I know shipping sometimes holds me back from buying what I want and I really try to keep it low and exact.  But, these little bunny and chick charms need to be on some one's necklace soon!  So hop on over there and see which one you like best.  

Some of you have asked if I can make a special charm with something you see in the shop, but with a different back side, and YES I can.  Just email me or convo me and let me know what you want and we can work it out.  I just got some images of vintage sewing patterns and some great graphics from the graphics fairy.  So, new charms are going up soon.  

Saturday, March 20, 2010

another big kidlet

Pretty soon my kids' friends will be too old for something like this as a birthday gift, so I am milking this time as much as I can. My Gage had a 5 year old birthday party to go to. Okay, maybe this wouldn't thrill a 5 year old, but it could thrill his mom and him (eventually). I love making the kidlet from JCasa's tutorial and just beefing it up to a big kidlet. I make mine 13 wide x 15 tall instead of 11 x 11. I also left out the pocket for reasons of laziness and wanting to be done in less than an hour (because I started it late). Sometimes I wonder if I am really just lazy or a speed crafter. I prefer the latter, but I think I know what I am deep down inside! I did fill it with coloring books and crayons, but ideally I like the one by my daughter's bed (hanging from her bed post) filled with the books she likes me to read to her at night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'm back from a vacation of sorts

Okay, I didn't really go on vacation. I just did other things than blog for the past few weeks. I was busy reading a few books like this one and this one. I highly recommend both because they so insightful and totally captivating at the same time. I also started this one and have this one in the wings waiting for me by my bedside table. I also started to get my family's diet back in order. We all started eating junk this winter and we needed a make over. So - new recipes (actually, I am just trying to cook more) and new groceries. I (along with the help of a friend) found the BEST chocolate cookie recipe ever. It takes time and it takes a few ingredients that might not be on hand, but the end results are pure heaven. Hence, the diet makeover. They will just have to be for special occasions. I cleaned my craft room upstairs that was so messy all winter long that I rarely (barley) went up there. You couldn't see the floor because my husband had pulled out everything from storage to re insulate it and make it warmer. He finally finished that last weekend (right as it started to warm up) and now, I can see the floor and get to my sewing machine.

And finally, I did a bit of soldering. Check out the results here and in the shop. I found some great graphics and am in the process of going through some things I have collected myself to come up with more. If there is ever anything you see that you want to customize (your initial, a different picture on the back, etc.) just convo me on etsy or email me and I can make it.