Thursday, June 24, 2010

a mosaic of pendants

I haven't put any new pendants in our etsy shop in months.  I have been busy making them for my friends and family and I love doing that.  A lot of teacher and birthday gifts.  I try to work on them just a few days a week, especially now that the kids are home from school.  I think I will work on a few different lines for the etsy shop - pick an initial, then pick a back and I will make that pendant custom.  It's easier do that rather than to guess what you all would like and putting them in the shop.  I am going to work on that for next week.  

Saturday, June 19, 2010

new look pattern #6690

This is an easy dress to make. I made it as the gift I wrote about in the last post. I used Tanya Whelan's Grand Revival Design's Barefoot Rose collection for the fabric and New Look Pattern #6690 view E. I left off the ruffle because I like to make things super easy and added lime green rick rack to the bottom. It was so quick that I am going to make one for Mallory and let her pick out the fabric just to be sure she will wear it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

i've never gone this long without a post

We have been busy with Scout Camp and Cub Camp and Girls Camp and.... you know how it goes. But, I did spend most of my day yesterday in my bonus room cleaning up the area I craft in and it felt great. I did manage to make a few things while it was a complete disaster and that was a bit fun to craft in a room that you couldn't even see the floor, but I am thinking it might be better to make things with a fresh slate too.

My dear friend is having a baby any day. And she hopes that any day is today. Since she has moved across the country and we couldn't throw her a baby shower, we decided to put a Baby Shower in a Box together for her from a few of her friends back here in Kentucky. I am told she hasn't opened all the gifts because she is trying to save them and have something to look forward to after the baby girl arrives. Great for her, but I need to wait to show you a few things that I sent her. I do know that she saw this banner that was packed in unwrapped, so here is the banner I made for her baby girl's room -

And, here's the packed up box - all ready to ship!