Friday, April 27, 2012

just a few totes

I know that I am not reinventing a pattern or using too many creative juices when I make a tote bag and with a quick project like this, I prefer not too.
I even avoid adding pockets and too many details to a tote, so that I can get it done quickly and add the goodies inside.  I don't think one can have too many or that I could ever make too many!  If my kids ever get invited to girl birthday parties and I have time, I make a tote like this one and fill it up with coloring supplies.
My mom made my daughter a really cool tote with clear vinyl and fabric and filled it up with glitter glue, markers, coloring pads, etc. and that thing goes with Mallory every where.  So, I can't deny a little girl a chance to draw.
 I know boys draw too, but my boys are older and I don't want to send them to a party with a tote full of art supplies and be embarrassed.

 I love totes and versions of a tote, like this kidlet.  This one is going to be filled with baby bath supplies or baby books to give to a mom who just had a baby she named Benson. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

jams for a teenage boy

I know I could easily buy a pair of athletic shorts for my thirteen year old to wear to bed. And, I have in the past. But, I just wanted to see if I could make something that he would wear. Jams seemed to be the best bet since a.) he would be wearing them in the house and b.) he needed some and c.) i thought I had the perfect fabric for them.
I turned back to my past standard for pj fabric...old sheets.  I still have quite a few of these.  I used to shop for them at garage sales and flee markets.  I also inherited quite a few when my mother in law was down sizing a few years ago. 
I chose a simple adult pj pattern and used an adult small.  I can't believe I am sewing an adult size for this guy that used to be so little.  He went from a size 12 to a 16 without ever touching the 14.  As you know, pj bottoms sew up under an hour.  So, I was able to sew two pairs in a day.
End result - he really does wear them and like them.  It's been about three weeks since I made them for him and he switches back and forth between the two pairs.  So, ultimately I was able to find something that I can still sew for a teenage boy and he will actually wear or use.  Now, on to figuring out what I can make for him next with the same results.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

new summer jams in the spring

Every time the weather turns a bit warmer, I break out my patterns for pjs for the kids.
I think I get excited to shed the flannel and move on to something a little more light and airy.
Baby doll jammies and night gowns for Mallory are my favorite.
  In the past I have made her at least one pair of baby dolls each Spring.  This year I made her a pair of baby dolls and a night gown out of some lovely yellow and purple sear sucker that was sent to me as a gift from a blogger over seas, Zia Koko, four years ago.  I think I was saving it for the perfect project. 
I used a simple See & Sew B5119 pattern that is for a night gown and a set of baby doll jams.  I didn't put the ruffle on the nightgown nor the bow.  Mallory is girlie, but not that girlie.  As for the other jams, I added a 2 inch piece of fabric to the bottom of the top since it runs a bit short.  Overall, these were simple and quick..perfect for beginner who wants to get a project done in a day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

baby girl quilt

 I have been waiting to post this for awhile and now that I have given the quilt to my good friend, Angela for her baby girl, I can share it with you.  I am starting to love piecing baby quilts.  Of course, I understand that the work on them is quite small compared to the larger quilts, but it is good to practice my quilting skills on these little pieces of work. 
I attempted to make very random blocks with all the pink, green and turquoise fabrics that I had for a little girl.  As I made each block, I wasn't sure if it would be a big ol' mess or turn in to something unique and sweet.  I just kept going until I had twelve blocks done and then laid them out on the floor until they looked as though there was a little pattern to my madness.  I used strips of a pink and white fabric I had picked up from Joanne's to separate the blocks and I think it helped break up the madness a bit.  
 The back of the quilt was a solid pink on pink fabric that had silhouettes of boys and girls that I have had for awhile and can't remember who made it.  I don't have any left or I would look for the source.  But, I think it was cute to have a children on the back of a baby quilt. I free motion quilted and made the pattern rather large swirls.  I like it, but wish that I would have done them closer together.  I was afraid to go wild with the quilting, but I think next time, I will just have to be a little more "free" with the free motion!

Monday, April 23, 2012

amazing weekend

  I might over use the word amazing, but sometimes it is the only word I can think to describe certain events or projects in my life. I guess that's why my blog and business have the title "amazing mae" which is named after my daughter who I think is amazing. This past weekend I was able to attend the Snap Blog Conference with my dear friend Melissa of the Polka Dot Chair.

 (notes from SEO class - I need a do over because I didn't understand everything, so I drew.  Reminded me of how I felt in college!)
I didn't know what to expect and in my mind, I was really going as a support to a friend. I did not realize the impact it would have on me and what an eye opening experience it would be to attend. Not to mention, it was so much fun. The classes were helpful and entertaining. They ranged from Photoshop basics to how to succeed in a blog business.
(a project from the new Make and Takes)
I was able to hear Marie LaBaron from Make and Takes and Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie talk about their new books that had just recently come out and we were given copies of their book as well. My daughter has already gone through the Make and Takes book and planned out two crafts she wanted to make right that minute. I was able to meet bloggers and make some amazing friends that are the women behind these creative blogs. All the ladies that I met were anxious to find out what I was up to and quickly become great people to share ideas with. 
 One of the highlights of the weekend was shopping at The Queen Bee Market that Mique of 30 Handmade Days and her sister Jessica of Allora Handmade put on. They have been doing this in Southern Cali for the past few years and since my family is in San Diego, I have always wanted to visit family and the Queen Bee at the same time. It was awesome. I came home with a few charms from the r house couture and a yellow vinyl case for my camera from Camera Coats. I could have spent way more money if a.) I had it and b.) I had a way to get it all home in one suitcase! 
(my cute nephews swimming in the hotel pool and of course, my yummy meal from In-N-Out Burger)

It didn't hurt that it was at Thanksgiving Point, which is beautiful and close to my extended family and some dear friends. I got to go and visit two sweet friends that used to live here in Louisville. My sister and brother in law and two of their boys came to swim at the hotel pool with me one night. It also didn't hurt that I was able to eat at The Blue Lemon, Kneaders and In-N-Out. Seriously good food. I would go anywhere for good food, but when it's right in front of you (or a 10 min drive), it is so awesome. I was introduced to Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery which I am so glad is not near me or I would gain weight like wild fire. So sweetly divine. Have you tried? I am honestly still on a high and looking forward to attending Snap again next year!  I was able to be with my best friend and meet new friends.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Now I am back to soldering charms for the Kentucky Derby and filling orders that came in while I was away.  Yay!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter dress

Keeping it simple, I used an older Lizzie McGuire Simplicity 3513 as the pattern to my daughter's Easter dress this year. I had purchased in several years ago when a big fabric store here was going out of business. In fact, I picked up a lot of patterns then, but in digging through my box of patterns I realize that most are size 1-4T which is too small for my daughter.
So, I guess I will have to save those for when I make gifts!
I bought this fabric at Hobby Lobby last Fall knowing I would use it for a dress for Mallory some time in the future. I love the new fabrics that they are carrying at Hobby Lobby. They are a fraction of all of the other lovely fabrics that they carry at the quilt shop. This pattern has a an elastic bias gathering in the front, bias in the arm holes and gathered fly away sleeves. It is still a bit big in the arm holes, but not too big. It has plenty of room for growing and when you sew something it's always good to get plenty of use out of it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

custom mother's bracelet

I made a bracelet similar to this last year for my mom last year for Mother's Day and one for my mother in law too.
I was excited to make this one a few weeks ago as a custom order.
I haven't added this to my etsy shop yet, but will soon in time for Mother's Day.
Each charm has a child's initial and the birth order number on the other side.

Friday, April 6, 2012

a few baby gifts

I have been sewing quite a bit lately - mostly small projects(pjs for the boys and the little girl, an Easter dress, baby gifts), but just haven't taken photos of the finished projects with the exception of these gifts for the babies.

With a double baby shower this week, I got to make a few gifts for a future little boy and a future little girl. As usual, I stuck with quick projects that I know well. Someday I will branch out, but until that day, I will be able to swiftly put together a package for a new baby.
The gift for the little girl was a one yard flannel blanket using purple and white striped flannel on one side and a flannel patchwork pattern of vibrant colors on the other.I used a piece of turquoise flannel to applique a heart on the purple and white side for a pop of color.
I just sewed the blanket right sides together leaving a 6 inch opening for turning it right side in. Then, zig zagged stitched all the way around the perimeter.The gift for the baby boy was a set of four bibs using two different rocket ship fabrics, flannel and terry cloth. I used the bib pattern found here at juicy bits blog. I use industrial snaps at the top instead of Velcro because I like the look of the big shiny round snaps on something so delicate!