Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just got back from

Natural Bridge State Park and it was amazing. It is in the Daniel Boone National Forest about 2 hours east of Louisville and it is beautiful. Also right in the Nat'l. Forest bordering Natural Bridge is Red River Gorge. It has over 100 natural arches and it is just as cool. We stayed at the Hemlock Lodge at Natural Bridge for 3 days and were able to do some hiking and see so many beautiful things. Our first evening there we hiked up to Natural Bridge which you are able to walk up to and on top of. It was a unusually breezy night and there was no body else there. It was one of those moments with my family that was rare and so nice. We hiked around Red River Gorge as well and picked out where we wanted to stay next time. The Gorge is one of the best places for rock climbers in the US and we saw some of the enormous cliffs that they climb and were in awe. We ate at a place called Miguel's that had some of the best pizza I have ever had and it is also a rock climbing shop and camp ground.