Sunday, February 22, 2009

pincushion tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the simple pincushions I made for the last giveaway. I love them because they are so easy and you can always embellish them or keep them super simple. Here is what you need:

9 inch circle of fabric
embroidery floss in any coordinating colors
long doll needle
1 covered button that you have covered with fabric for the top and 1 button for the
one piece of felt cut in to a circle the will cover the top

1. Take your chosen fabric and cut out the 9 inch circle.

2. Take your embroidery floss (I use 3 strands) and fold the edge of the circle 1/4 inch in and make a running stitch all the way around. Pull it like you are making a yo yo.

3. Stuff with batting. Stuff pretty well, but I always add more later.

4. This is the part that looks really crazy, but it works for me. Take the remaining floss and just sew across the top pretty well. This helps me feel like it is secure. Tie is off. This is wear I add a bit more stuffing through the spaces in the embroidery floss.

5. Get your piece of felt for the top. I just use acrylic felt because it is cheap and comes in tons of colors. Plus, I'm cheap and I don't think my pins mind being put into acrylic instead of wool. Oh, for the size of the circle of felt for the top, just use the top of a jar. I found one that is large enough to cover the hole at the top. Use a fabric pin to trace around it and cut it out.

6. Get a really long piece of embroidery floss that you will use to decoratively divide the cushion in 6 parts. I tie a big knot and start at the top and go through the bottom in the center and come back around to the center. Then I go back through and do the side opposite until I have made six sections.

7. Now, get your buttons, more embroidery floss (a really long piece again) and your long doll needle. I like to use the large covered button for the top, but I only had the medium size buttons when I made these pin cushions. The large ones are really cute. Anyways, set your felt on the top. Start at the top center and go through the pin cushion (it's thick and this is where the long needle really helps) and find the approximate center on the bottom where the button is waiting for you. Go through the button on the bottom and then set the covered button on the top to go through. Do this several times pulling as you go so that it indents a little and makes the pincushion take the shape of a pumpkin. After you have secured both buttons (I usually go through each one about 4 times) wrap the floss around the top of the covered button and tie a knot.

8. Get another long piece of floss that you are going to use for the whip stitch around the felt on the top. You can also do a blanket stitch, but I do a whip stitch because it's faster for me. Stitch the felt on and you are done!


Barbara said...

Such a cute and easy looking project! Now I just need to learn to sew well, so I have a reason for a pincushion!

dana said...

Great tutorial! I think I need to try this.

Autumn said...

great gifts for the kids to make grandmas for christmas! this is one we'll be trying as a family. thanks.

Julie said...

Where did you find the felt with polka dots-so cute!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! What a nice idea. Definitely will have to give it a try!

Anne said...

Lovely!!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog. ( The link will be active at 9:00 pm CST tonight.

imanmom said...

so simlpe pincushion..i like it..

Sofia Amaral M. said...

Hi:)I'm Sofia from Portugal.
Today, I made one for me, with Portuguese fabrics and Australian bottom !!That's the globalization :))
Thank you for sharing so many fantastic ideas.
have a great week:))))
P.S. Sorry my English, I hope you understand it!!

Sofia Amaral M. said...

The bottom it's "Botão" in Portuguese, if you click in "Botão" you go to the link.(my blog have a translate)
Thank you for visited me.
Once again, I love your blog and sorry my terrible English!!!