Wednesday, February 18, 2009

winning my own giveaway

Okay, I didn't exactly win my own giveaway, but I was blessed with something great from it. Megan, who won the last giveaway I had, sent me a thank you gift. You don't have to thank someone when you get what they were intending to give away. But, it was such a sweet treat. I love surprises in the mail. Man, I think that may be why I do the giveaways - just to send things in the mail because I know how much I like getting them myself. When I was in high school, I had several pen pals and wrote to former exchange students. My dear friend, Karyn, is one of the girls that came and stayed as an exchange student in high school from Australia. To this day we still write and send packages to one another for Christmas and our birthdays. Anyways, Megan sent cute felt hair clips for Mallory and great pendants made from Scrabble tiles. I was going to order some of these from etsy and I was pleasantly surprised to get them from her. So cute - all of it. Because I got a package, I think I might have another giveaway soon. It's an addiction.


dana said...

Fun! Megan is actually a good friend of mine and mentioned she sent this stuff to you. Fun to see it posted on your blog and even more exciting to win your own contest! :)

megan said...

glad you got it and liked it!! and really props are to dana b/c she taught me how to do the clips!! but I agree...your giveaways are fun :-)