Monday, February 2, 2009

glass marble magnets

I was making a few things for the other winners of the giveaway and thought I would share with you how I made them. Okay, now this is a simple craft that probably doesn't require much in terms of directions, but I will just show you the steps. These magnets make great gift for friend and teachers. I made them with little round glass marbles that can be found at any craft store by the florals and with cool square marbles that I happened to find at the Dollar Tree.

Here's what you need for both:
glass marbles
patterned paper
Mod Podge - matte finish
foam brush
round and/or square paper punch - optional
round magnets
quick drying strong glue

First, punch out the paper that you want to use.

*If you don't have a paper punch that is the same shape as your glass marbles, you can apply a light coat of Mod Podge to the back of you marbles, set them on the front patterned side of the paper to dry, then use an exacto knife to cut around excess paper.

Second, apply a light coat of Mod Podge to the back of the marble and place the punched out paper on to it with the printed side of the paper to the back of the marble. Let it dry.

Third, add a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the paper and marble. Let it dry.

Fourth, make sure you have a helper to sort your magnets and other supplies.

Finally, add the magnet to the back with the strong glue.

That's it! I was thinking, especially with these bigger square marbles, you could use little stamps and stamp phrases or names on the front of the patterned paper before you adhere it to the magnet. Also, use an ink that can't smear easily, like the ones that go on fabric and wood. Just a suggestion. Okay, go at it and make them for the masses like I did.


Monica said...

We did these one year for Christmas with the kids pictures in them. I've never seen square marbles though. Very cool my darling crafting diva!

Unknown said...

Square marbles? Where did you find those?? I made several sets of these a couple of Christmases ago but I'd make them again if I could find square marbles LOL

koala brains said...

Fun! I will have to do this with my little one - she could attach the magnet for me.

Anonymous said...

Visiting from Barbara's. Thanks! This is so cute.

Unknown said...

I've been seeing these in so many shops and have wanted to make some. Thanks for sharing! You have some great ideas.