Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a few summer skirts

I have been in the mood to sew recently. Plus, I want to use up my fabric stash. I had a clear a space upstairs in order to do it, but for a few simple skirts, it was worth it.

First, she wanted a skirt with a blue jay on it (just a blue bird) and that was easy. I think I made it about the main part of the skirt 15" and then added a 4" band at the bottom to applique the blue jay on. The bird applique is from this pattern.

Next I made a few from Dana's Simple Skirt tutorial. I made both double layered. I love them both, but am especially fond of the red, white, and blue one with bias tape. Perfect for the 4th of July.

Friday, June 10, 2011

shop update

I have been working on some new soldered jewelry and have updated my etsy shop. There are new Patriotic/4th of July charms, initial charms, Coca Cola charms, and some new Paris/New York charms too. All charm purchases come with 24" nickel ball chains as well.

Monday, June 6, 2011

i can't quite tell...

if I am extra busy so I don't craft as much or a bit lazy when it comes to crafting. I still totally dig it, but I think things changed a lot this year when my six year old started kindergarten. He has juvenile diabetes and it seems as though I spent a lot of time up at the elementary school. I have two older boys and I think I was up there more this school year than I was total the seven years before while the older boys attended. But, it has been a blessing to be up there and see him (them all for that matter) have such a successful first year. And, Mallory (my four year old), she keeps me busy too. But what mom isn't busy with her kids? I guess things just changed here for a bit. I still love this blog and I have been working on a few things lately that I wanted to share with you...

A Coke and diet Coke necklace for my dear friend and diet Coke enthusiast

A charm bracelet for that same friend for her birthday

a birthday shirt for a one year old who was having a doggie themed birthday party

and a birthday banner for that same little one year old for his party