Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tried this too

I haven't been on my blog because we went on a family vacation and I am obsessed with the Olympics. In fact, I might have to quit watching into the wee hours of the night because school just started today and I was wiped out getting the boys up. I have been staying up every night since they started. I just LOVE the swimming and gymnastics. I have decided that I need to start training for something. I haven't decided what just yet, but I think I need to be in shape like these athletes. I think I want to be a runner. Oh to dream! Last week I was in the mood to sew a skirt by following a tutorial I had bookmarked in my favorites. Do you know how many I have bookmarked? It's quite the list and someday I will get to them all...yeah, yeah, yeah. In the meantime, I am in love with this little tiered skirt. So fun. Of course, I made it way too big and have to wait until she grows in to it next year, but just like everything's something to look forward to.


dana said...

that is an adorable ensemble! I too have so many craft pages with sewing ideas bookmarked that I know I'll never get to 3/4 of them.
I love reading on everyone's blogs that they're exhausted from staying up all night watching Olympics. Go USA!

~jen said...

so cute! make one for me! =) I doubt it would look as cute, though. *sigh* I'm also sleep deprived from watching Team USA all night long...but I am getting a bit of crochet done! Thanks for sharing! =)