Thursday, December 10, 2009

first order

I had my first order for my soldered charms last week (thanks Vicki). It was fun to challenge myself and I really do like how they turned out. I was excited to give them to her and not dreading it. I even got another order from a lady at the hair salon I go to who wanted two for her mom who collects vintage Santas. My mother in law is staying with us right now and she is the one who I went in on the supplies with for this. We both got excited about it about 6 months ago, but when we realized the learning curve was high (at least for us), we kind of fizzled. Then, a few months ago, I was determined to figure it out and I have seen slow progress. I am getting happier with them and am even wearing ones I have made for myself. Plus, the images you can put in them are limitless. So, when we get our etsy shop up in the next week, I will put a few in!

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Anonymous said...

very cool. my cuz has been wanting to learn soldering...any tips? tools needed?