Monday, April 28, 2008

drawing books

When I was in second grade my teacher, Ms. Jenkins, taught us fingerprint drawing. I loved it. I think I still have some fingerprint art that my mom saved of a skeleton that we did for Halloween. When I was at HalfPrice Books the other night (a very cool store) they had the drawing and fingerprint books of Ed Emberley and I realized this is where my second grade teacher got all of her ideas. He teaches you step by step how to draw people, animals, characters, etc. and it is so good for kids. I picked up his Big Red Drawing Book, but can't wait to go back and get his complete collections. I was looking at his website and he has all these crafts and activities for kids for all seasons. Love it. I looked at and they have all of his books and there are a ton more than I thought. My kids are getting some lessons in drawing tonight!

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