Monday, April 14, 2008

spring break

This week for the boys' Spring Break I was sick. I am still so tired, but that will have to be solved with some sleep - which I am trying hard to get. I did manage to get these bibs made for my sister who is having her first baby. I got the pattern here from Nested. I am so excited for her and her husband. I got these barrettes done for Gage's little friend who was celebrating her 3rd birthday.

We did try to do some fun things during Spring Break. Boston got these for Valentine's Day and the Easter Bunny brought him a package of new patterns, so we tried to make some on Saturday. Gage's is the multi colored dolphin. Boston started one, but got frustrated. They do take a little time and some delicate hands. Trevor decided that he is going to make some Nintendo figures, but we need a bigger square template to do it so we are heading to the store later. Gage and I made the cat together which he named "cat." I made the turtle. I loved making these. Of course, it reminds me of my childhood. We are really trying to make more things around here, but with 3 boys and the love of video games that can be like pulling teeth sometimes. I am going to just have other options available for them to do everyday -if you know what I mean!

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Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

I love those bibs! Especially the one that says "Hello my name is Baby" you are very clever!