Tuesday, March 31, 2009

napkin skirt - now doesn't that sound fancy?

Now, it might be a two in one deal where you can use the skirt to wipe their faces when messy. I am not sure if that will work or not! While making the bandanna skirt from a tutorial at v. and co. blog (which I highly recommend based on price and effort/time satisfaction), I had an idea to make a skirt using the french country napkins I picked up last week on clearance. So, I am sharing. I am not claiming to have invented this way of making a skirt. In fact, it's pretty similar to the bandanna skirt from the tutorial I just mentioned with just a few changes. The changes include adding the band of contrasting fabric to the top as to not disturb the hem that is already in the napkin. You see, when there is already a hem I can't help but include it so that I don't have to make another one. Also, based on these measurements this skirt will fit a girl size 3T to 4T. To make it a size 2T, just reduce the band from 4 inches to 3 inches. To make it fit an older girl, then add length to the band.

1 - Lay out your napkin and admire it.

2 - Cut napkin in half. Mine was a square 20 inches, so I could cut it either way. I am sure most napkins have similar measurements.

3 - Cut two strips for the top. Mine were both 20 inches long and 4 inches wide. Remember this skirt will fit a 3 or 4 year old, so if you want it for a 2 year old, cut the strips 3 inches wide.

4 - Pin these strips to the top of the cut napkins right sides together. Sew together with a 3/8 inch seam.

5 - Press the seam and then, lay the two pieces right sides together. Sew up both sides. You have to sew over those already made seams on the napkins - sad that you can't use them. Just sew right on the inside of them.

6 - Fold over seam at the top 1 1/4 inches. I used 3/4 inch elastic so this will be plenty for the casing.

7 - Now, iron over 1/4 inch at the top of the 1 inch you already pressed.

8 - Pin down and sew along the edge forming a casing. Be sure to leave a 1 inch opening for the elastic.

9 - Run 3/4 inch elastic through the casing adjusting to the size of the little waist you are making this for. Sew elastic together at ends and sew opening closed.

10 - You are done!


Anne said...

Another thing on my to do list! This is amazing, really!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Thanks for another wonderful tutorial! Love it & must try it!

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Jenni said...

super cute!

dana said...

Great tutorial!

Tracie said...

I'm going to try this soon!!!

Anne said...

So pretty!! I love the colors and pattern in the napkin you chose.

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Shannon said...

Love this idea! What a great way to make a fun and easy skirt for our little ones. I had to post a link to your tutorial on my blog I loved it so much.


Thanks for a great project :)

Shannon said...

You are so welcome Traci and thank you so very much for your kind words. I have been working hard :) I can't wait to see what you make next!

I am wondering if you are interested in a "featured on luvinthemommyhood" button for your blog? I am putting out feelers to see if people are interested in us doing this. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Has anyone ever told you you're amazing? =) I love it! I'll be linking.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

You beat me to it! I found some cute napkins and was going to make a skirt for my daughter, but have been on vacation. Very cute!!! linked to this idea!

Anya said...

Great tutorial and a beautiful skirt! I linked it today at PassiFlora magazine http://passifloramag.com/2009/04/veggie-parade-and-skirt-tutorials/

Hope you don't mind ;)

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

How cool! I am featuring this project today on Dollar Store Crafts.com