Friday, May 16, 2008

a few good reads

Here are a few good reads that I have picked up and ordered over the last month. Some I had heard a lot about (Bend the Rules Sewing and In Stitches), but the other two I ordered or picked up and was pleasantly surprised. The baby GIFTS book I picked up for only $5.98 at our Half Price Books. Did I tell you I love that place? Now, I love to go in there and just sit in the craft section and look and look. I could spend hours in there, but reality usually sets in fast because I am never in there without a child and they just don't last as long as I would like them to. It's probably saving me money having them in there with me. Anyhow, I am anxious to get started on some of the projects in these books, especially the lounge pants in the In Stiches book by Amy Butler. You can't have too many of those!

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Anonymous said...

oooh dear! I have met my quota for book buying this month, but now have a list to buy next month! ;)

Check out The Creative Family. Lovely book for idea for children/fam :)