Friday, May 9, 2008

you just never know

Each time I start a new project I have high hopes that it will turn out exactly as I imagine it to. Sometimes it even exceeds my expectations. Once in awhile it turns out so bad I have to throw it away so that I am not reminded that I stunk something up! And, sometimes it's a learning process where I realize how I will do it better the next time. This picture on a plaque was one of those. It turned out o.k. - nothing to scream about, but I will keep it. In using paper and Modge Podge there were too many bubbles and as I tried to press them out I stained the paper with newsprint. All said and done it is up in my girl's room and I do like the bright colors of it. I found this tutorial here at the thompson family blog where she made some silhouttes and I decided fabric (although she says perhaps paper) is the better way to go with Modge Podge. So to see if I could get it right I made a small little plaque that I am excited to hang in my craft area. It's still drying, but I am liking it a whole lot better than the first attempt. Plus, I love the red and green together.

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