Thursday, May 1, 2008


I now constantly have a helper when I sew. She is my baby girl and her favorite toy upstairs is the pincushion. I know it's not safe, but she is attracted to mine like a magnet. When I made some pincushions this week for upcoming birthdays, she screamed when I took them away. Finally, I had them downstairs on the bench and she found them right away. I am not sure if this is an early sign for her future in sewing or she just likes to play with sharp objects. Either way, I need to hide them better!


Tonya said...

Oh gosh, my little girl Ava, aged two is drawn to my pincushions as well. She takes the pins out and then puts them back in another one LOL As long as I am right there, I let her play with them, this way I actually get to sew LOL

The pincushions are adorable, great job : )

Anonymous said...

My little girl LUUURVES my pin cushion too and always has. She loves to sort the pins into colours and then stick them into the pin cushion to make pictures and patterns. I just have to watch her with the needles because there is no head to stop them from going all the way in! I stick them into the cushion sideways and she leaves them alone. I know it seems like a dangerous thing to let her do, but she only does it when I am there and she is so careful, she has never hurt herself and she has been doing it for years now. - Jen