Monday, May 26, 2008


I find that most everything I do takes a lot of practice in order to do it well - or at least up to my standards. My standards aren't high mind you, but I do want to be able to look at it (whatever it may be) or listen to it without cringing a little. So, as I try new things, I realize they may take a lot of practice on my part before I can look or listen to them straight on. I say listen because I used to take piano lessons and boy, did that take a lot of practice! Anyhow, I am practicing a few things at the moment. One is taking better photos with my SLR camera. Oh, how I wish I were better at it. A lot of it does have to do with lighting, but most of it has to do with just knowing how to take a good photo and understanding an editing program (mine is Photoshop Elements) so that you can refine those photos later. When I first got the Elements program I was determined to learn all about it. I even bought a recommended book "Photoshop Elements Classroom In A Book" and have it all loaded up ready to go (it comes with CD lessons), but haven't gotten past lesson 1. I took some photos my my little girl last week because I realized the day light was ideal outside and thought it would be the perfect time to practice. I like how some turned out and edited a couple in Elements to see what I could come up with. Here is the end result. Not bad, but I am looking forward to practicing some more because I heard practice makes perfect and I am not looking for perfect, but just something that I will enjoy looking at.


Tanya said...

Great job! Melanie's giving a photography class in Relief Society next week -- you're welcome to come! I just found my camera's instruction manual and have been inspired to read it. Between that and Adobe, we should be able to crank out some decent pictures.

Tanya said...

And also, I made a bag and pushed it through the handles as well, and it turned out great! A real time saver!

lacey said...

You really do need TWO of her- she is so sweet as I always say.