Thursday, May 22, 2008

future projects

You know how it is, you happen upon an amazing craft or project on the internet and stick in your favorites folder only to never quite get to it. Well, I am trying hard not to let that happen with these and others even though the list is never ending. I just have to believe that I will get to them some day. Well, here are a few I want to put at the top of this list.

1.sock monkey tutorial from web-goddess blog and found here. 2.isn't this bunny too cute? i found it at the martha stewart website here. 3.a beautiful bag - the jenny bag - with a tutorial i found here at Lola...again. 4. okay, on those days when you don't want to start a fire or can't make it camping, but still think it would be fun (and yummy) to roast marshmellows then this would be perfect. i found it at ohdeedoh from apartment therapy. 5. these could go on bags, on barrettes, and just about anything else. artsy-craftsy babe makes them in to pins and i just love them.

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