Sunday, May 4, 2008

thought i would share

These are a few new websites that I have discovered and thought that I would share with you. The first one was started by my dear friend's sister and it just launched last week. It is called It has amazing deals for moms- clothing, nursing cover ups, etc. Take a look and see what you think. It has one item each day and once it is gone, then it is gone. I have just found Burda Style. I am sure that many already know about it, but I am just happy that I finally have. Some of the patterns seem really easy and some are a bit above my sewing expertise, but they give you some great ideas. I think I am going to start simple and make the men's silk tie for my husband for Father's Day. One day when I was looking up this new line of fabric I saw in a magazine I found this website called Baum Textile Mills, Inc. that has tons of quilt and project patterns for free. I think I want to make the Sweet Baby Quilt to start out with. As usual, I want to start out with an easy project just so I don't get overwhelmed and never want to try again. That has happened before. I still have a fear of bias tape. It's true! The last one is Kiddley. They no longer keep up the blog, but the archives have tons of ideas and crafts to do with your children. I love the Valentine buckets and just picked up some old Golden Books for .25 to .99 at the flea market and Half Price Books that I want to decopauge on to some metal buckets. I want to keep the kids craft and coloring supplies in them upstairs in the playroom. Thought these were all worth a mention.

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