Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tonight as I blog I don't have anything to share with you that I have created. I have a few projects in the works - teacher gifts and my apron for the Sassy Apron Swap, but I have do have a few random things to share.

First - this book was given to my boys by my neighbor. Her little boy has it and when playing there last week, she noticed how much they loved it. She wasn't kidding - Trevor came home determined to remember everything he read in it and to try to do the things (tricks, lessons, crafts, etc.) that it mentioned. Well, now, thanks to my friend, the boys can try them all. It teaches the boys how to tie a tie, make a boomer rang, and even wrestle an alligator. Some things very useful and some will just have to be acquired knowledge for special occasions (like when we are in the swamp land and see an alligator). It is just a really cool book.

My little girl (almost 16 months) just started walking this week. She just became a dare devil all of a sudden and pushes off the couch and walks to us even if we aren't ready for it. Of course, she is 16 months and most of the kids her age have already mastered this skill, but for us, this has been exciting to watch. Our little 3 year old didn't walk until he was 18 months, so we weren't worried, but it's always a thrill to have progress.

The last thing is that I have finally gotten the stink out of our towels. Do you have this or are we just the gross ones? My towels have smelled musty and like mildew for months and I have tried all new detergents and more fabric softener with no success. Finally, I Googled it and found this site that had tons of suggestions. These are the ones I followed that worked for me -
1. I ran a cycle without anything in the washing machine on hot and added bleach and then vinegar to the fabric softener slot.
2. I used less detergent and only washed about 3 towels to a load instead of stuffing them in until nothing else fit.
3. I didn't', but plan to switch to powder detergent. This site says that the liquid detergent doesn't get washed out all the way and can cause the towels to mildew over time.
4. If the rain quits long enough, I would like to hang them to dry outside and I think this will help a ton.

Okay, that's all I have for tonight, but hopefully some of these projects will get finished and I can share them soon!

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Tanya said...

Olivia received the girls' version of this book for her b-day last year and she carried it everywhere she went, including school. She said it taught her everything she needed to know. Her own little how-to book! It's a good one!