Saturday, May 3, 2008

random stuff

I got this beautiful stamp today that I ordered here from Craft Pudding. Isnt' she so cute? Now, what am I going to use her on first? I think she looks like my little girl and couldn't help but want her for my own.

I went on a little treasure hunt at the flea market last week when my son was at playgroup. I found a few things that I was excited about. I still don't know what I am going to do with them, but the baby wrapping paper will probably turn into a craft where Modge Podge is involved. The vintage Valentines were just too cute to pass up. The yellow apron was only $2 and the I loved the pattern of the brown and orange one and want to copy the style for the upcoming Sassy Apron Swap so I bought it for $5. You can't see it very well in the photo, but it has a nice curve at the bottom and the scallps on the side have pockets. So, I just need to study it and see if I can get the pattern right.

Yesterday my son got his two front bottom teeth pulled because the ones behind them were already 3/4ths of the way grown in. It was wild to see. When he was at a birthday party that I night I realized he didn't have a tooth fairy pillow, so I quickly sewed this one. I made it blue because I didn't have white felt and he does like blue. But, looking at it I realize that it is kind of weird to have a blue tooth. It worked though and the tooth fairy was able to make a deposit in the little pocket as well as withdraw! The B is for his first name, Boston. He got that tiny orange treasure chest from the dentist's prize box and he put his two teeth in that and then stuck it in the pocket. Such small teeth!

Finally, today is our hometown favorite - the Kentucky Derby. It is always so much fun leading up to it and celebrating the day of is quite fun as well with Derby Pie, Hot Browns, and plenty of games and contests with the kids. This is the first year we didn't do much on the day of the Derby because it's our 12th wedding anniversary and we had a babysitter. It was nice! Happy 12th to my wonderful husband and project supervisor. He is the handyman and I am the one with the crazy ideas. He says, "you want me to get my drill out for what?" "Yes, it will work, I promise" - that's what I always say. And, most of the time it does! Thanks for putting up with my imagination and I appreciate all of your help with it all!


Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

I had to laugh... that sounds just like a converstaion between Jeff and I.. I am usually telling that I want something, built or painted or hung up and he says it won't work.. then I spend a 1/2 hr explaining why it will work.. I usually win..
Happy Anniversary! Here's to 12 (or 120) more :-)

Anonymous said...

I adore the photos! very cute blog you have here :) :) :)

Timothy McLaney said...

That's a nice looking pillow, Mae! Speaking of the tooth fairy, I hope that my niece at Summerville would be okay. It'll be her first time visiting the dentist. I guess I'll make one of these pillows (as if), or have my wife make one for me (maybe not), or maybe buy one from the child plaything stores if I ever see one.