Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lunch bags completed

Three done and none to go. That's a good feeling. I really enjoyed making these lunch bags and the easiest one was my last. A suggestion from Beth at my eclectic mess to make the bag seamless and reversible had you following her directions and then pulling the entire bag through the top of one of the handles. This made it so much easier and nicer to look at, especially on the inside. Great tutorial. Now, after I finished these, it got me thinking...what to give our two kind lady bus drivers? This might involve attempting some of the chocolate chip cookie recipes I was given and see if I can get the perfect cookie for them and me as well. Yum.


Phillippa said...

These are really cute- well done! I've seen these done with one handle shorter than the other so you pass the longer one through and just hold one, but these are more versatile!

Tanya said...

I like your labels. How'd you make those?