Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day love

My husband and the boys went out shopping last night for some last minute surprises. I woke up to a wonderful breakfast in bed and for the grand finale - they planned a corn dog dinner complete with a new fryer. It may not be glamorous to some, but it has been fun trying a few corn dog recipes and now for our late night snack (treat), I will be searching for a donut recipe! My husband knew this would be fun for me because I love the corn dogs we get at the state fair. The boys think it is so much fun too.

I went out shopping last week for some fabric. I wanted to make some pajama shorts for the boys since it was starting to get hot and they just have flannel pajama bottoms. I went to the quilt shop here, but there wasn't anything that I think my boys (age 6 and 9) would have worn. The sock monkey fabric was quite cute, but I don't think that they would appreciate it. So, I actually just went to Wal Mart and found some great fabrics that would work - a camouflage and vintage baseball. They were a quick sew and I plan on making a few more pairs. This is my oldest wearing his pj bottoms and a Derby hat he made at school for the Kentucky Derby. I haven't taken a photo of the younger son in his yet.

I also found some fabric for the apron I am making for the Sassy Apron Swap. My partner likes vintage fabrics and styles. So, I am planning on copying the style of this vintage half apron I have and use this Moda fabric. It's a summer theme, so I thought the oranges would be perfect.

It's always good when you find fabric for future little girl dresses and that's what I will use these for. Love the Eiffel Towers. I have been looking for it for awhile, I found it in the clearance section at the quilt shop. Score!

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Brett and Amy said...

What pattern did you use? I need one for the boys shorts and didn't have time to look through all the books.