Saturday, May 10, 2008

porcupine onesie done? -check

I tried to mimic the porcupine that was on these little baby pants (again - only .25 cents) in an applique. Of course, this was started a few weeks ago, but I kept messing up (snagging the fabric underneath, etc.). So, it was put in the "I'll mess with you later" pile. I usually get to that pile when I have a little more patience. I finished him late the other night. I think he would have looked a bit cuter if I had hand embroidered the quills, arms, and legs, but it was late and I just did a straight stitch on the sewing machine - quick and easy. He is still quite a cutie, I think.

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Brett and Amy said...

Oh, he is very cute! I love all your felt/embroidered critters. What could I use them on though?