Sunday, May 18, 2008

yard sale

Yesterday was our neighborhood yard sale, so me and the kids walked around from house to house checking out the goods. Gage found two wooden puzzles that he bought for .50 cents each. He was so excited to hand over his dollar and get something back. Trevor never found anything that he was willing to give his precious dollars up for. He is a picky spender which can be a good thing. Boston didn't get to come because he had to go to his baseball game with dad. Mallory was along for the ride and just sat back enjoying the scenery in her stroller. I found some really cool old books - kids crafts, science projects, Disney - all for a quarter a piece. My best score was these two vintage sheets for .50 cents each. I have washed them and now I just need to decide which of my many projects I want to use them on.

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