Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lunch bags for teachers

Of course, I only have one complete, but at least the kids still have two weeks of school left so there is time to make one for each of their teachers. I talked to my sister and we decided that this tutorial allows to you make a cleaner, prettier bag, but the first one gave you a great starting point. With this one pictured here, I used the dimensions from my eclectic mess blog, but still followed the directions from supafine. I think I will attempt to follow the directions from my eclectic mess and make a truly reverseable bag for the next one. We'll see how well I can follow directions. I kind of got stuck on step 4 the first time and that's why I went back and just followed the old directions because it was easier and I got it. But, with a little coaxing and advice from my sis, I think I can figure it out for the next time. And, like I said, "there's still two weeks left of school!"

*side note* - I added a pocket on the inside for utensils (a water bottle pocket would be cool too) and a snap just for extra closure. Oh, and today my third grader told me his teacher brings her lunch in a Wal Mart bag everyday, so ha - this will be a great gift for her. I am so excited!


Brett and Amy said...

I'm sewing two right now. The twins last day is tomorrow... so much for sleep. I'm trying to work through step 4, but my late night brain has kicked in, so we'll see. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

Anonymous said...

oooh what a lovely idea! I would love if my students gave me me one of these. So clever! I may have to try my hand at making one, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still having trouble with step 4? I'll try to help anyway I can.

It is hard to describe in type and I'm afraid my pictures may not make it very clear either.

After sewing the handles with the two fabrics right-sides together, separate the lining from the other fabric by pulling them apart in the middle(what will become the bottom of the finished bag)The open handles will now be in the middle and you are going to be sewing the side seams.

Incidentally, someone else made these and forgot to leave an opening for turning and they just turned it right side out through one of the open end of the handles. No hand sewing!

If you still have questions feel free to email me and I'll try to get clearer pictures or draw up a better diagram.

You all have inspired me to make one for my youngest dd's teacher gift!

Tanya said...

Wow! One less step - no hand sewing! I am going to make even more now. Of course, I saw Caitlin today and she gave me a bag of 6 fabric grocery bags that her work had given her to encourage her to "go green". So, as far as shopping goes, I will use those, but as far as cute gifts goes, I will make these.

Barbara said...

This is so cute, love the fabrics you chose.

Michaele Sommerville said...

As a teacher, I thank you for saving some of us from the dreaded plastic bag rut!

Your lunch bags are wonderful!